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News from MEDiA December 2007

Christmas - feelings

13:th of december 2007 Patricia Fiorent flies to New York. Return ticked booked tp March 2008.

5:th of december 2007 Patricia Fiorent flies to Stockholm: American Embassy and get her ViSA.

News from MEDiA November 2007 Malmö Fair [7–8:th of november 2007]

News from MEDiA October 2007

17–18:th of October Stockholm Fair

News from MEDiA September 2007

Autumn Arrival

WORLD WiDE WEB: Support the incredible brave People of Burma by wearing a red T-shirt on Friday 28:th of september 2007. ://digg ://Global Voices Online ://SOFi OLOFSSON ://Phuket Gazette ://The Whiskey Priest

News from MEDiA August 2007

Malmo Festival [17:th to 24:th of August 2007]

Martin becomes a New York City Boy; 17–28:th of August 2007.
Flight to New York with Robert and
Patricia Fiorent

...after 2 weeks as a New York City boy; What differences in that City:

0.Hardest passport guards and their suspicious welcome to The United States of America:
-Just step behind the Line, what do You think You are doing? [The floor was striped]
Joking Empire State Building-guard. -You do not have Mass Destruction Weapons in Your tiny bag? Please answer NO!

1.Cheapest hotel VERSUS
Their best Room;
NewYorkinn.com, 8:th Avenue.

2.The Peninsula-Top Bar Terrace newyork.peninsula.com / pny / dining_04.html with $22 Big Apple Martinis VERSUS
Free Friday at Museum of Modern Art.

3.My visit in well known artist's studio JeffKoons.COM and his best painter's home + gallery BillHeardArt.com VERSUS
The World meltpot of ordninary unknown people of Tourists + immigrants.

4.Watching 3 shows the same night at Stand-up-club LaughFactory.COM VERSUS
beeing apploaded in the ring of almost just black people at 2 Nights of club dancing;

5.Metro New York City Underground VERSUS
Manhattan Tour by Helicopter; LibertyHelicopters.COM

6.Poor Prostitutes / Escort / Rubbers VERSUS
Meeting with rich American,
The Milford Plaza Hotel.

7. My client VERSUS
Friend Patricia
Patricia Fiorent has got The Job at Jeff Koons Studio JeffKoons.COM and will stay in New York City.

News from MEDiA July 2007

S U M M E R - V A C A T i O N

i N D U S T R Y - H O L i D A Y S

News from MEDiA June anno 2007

S C H O O L B R E A K - U P S

News from MEDiA May anno 2007

14–18:th of May in Norway; Asker / Oslo with Ulrika B.

7–11:th of May Electricity Fair in Gothenburg

33:th Birthday of Martin Thornquist Wednesday 16:th of May 2007 [Wish Lists]

News from MEDiA April anno 2007

10:th of april FLiGHT Roma Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino airoporto [RM] Københavns Lufthavne Kastrup [CPH] 4:th of april FLiGHT Københavns Lufthavne Kastrup [CPH] – Roma Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino airoporto [RM]

News from MEDiA March anno 2007

9:th of March Opening night première of ELEFANTMANNEN / Mooms Theatre

News from MEDiA February anno 2007

Gratulations to Mother Britt on her Birth Day ! [16.02.2007]

© MTV ~ Martini Thornquist Valentino Valentino © [14.02.2007]

News from MEDiA January anno 2007

28:th of January 15:00 HSB tenant-owner's association yearly meeting assembly on top of Turning Torso See Photographs from MTmedia.SE 6.Portfolio 2007

18–28:th of January Ulrika B. Stockholm

14:th of January 16:00– hot mulled wine / ggg-party at MT

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