Foto: Johanna Deák

What: Martin; Advertisement
Where: MTmedia.SE < Martin < ad.html
When: 1992-* Uptodate; 16.01.2018
in English HUR: PÅ SVENSKA

MT wants to Be or Live with You

MiNiNUMS: Female girl / Girlish female FOR boyish man.

HARDLY EVER: Smokers, Pierced, Tattoeds, Collectivists.

RATHER NOT: Vegeterians, Ultra feminists, Pet owners, TV–dogs.

RECOMMENDATiONS: From at least two countries [mixed origin]
with A
G Cups, with an i, within Her name,
Born 1955 to 1982 [My earlier preferences]

ABiLiTiES: Artistic, Unshy, Special and Ordinary extreme.

MAXiMUM HiT: Early–in–the–mornings and late–in–the–evenings
Living person / Chaos perfectionist.

Already found, and Lost [ZiTA, 1998 + 2004] Half Way Dancinq Queen TiNA [2004–2005]
Exactly as => seen on Forbidden Cinema Spegeln UB [2005–]

MT MEDiANAViGATOR  0? &1 2* ~3 4! @5 6¤©% #7 8$ £9 10€ [19742074] *Martin